The Costa de Oro, is on the Atlantic side of Puerto Rico.  Here the sand is a cafe
brown, and the water is inviting.
In Dorado, the favorite hangout for the locals on the weekends is Nolos Morales
Park.  Located on the west end of
Dorado proper, the Park and beach sits on the
Atlantic between the Embassy Suites, and the Dorado del Oro Golf Resort.  There
are several small restaurants, and stand-up bars.  The Park is free to the public and
street parking fills up fast.  The park does provide paid parking on the west end,
and the
Cruz Inn has paid secure parking on the east end.
To find Dorado, and Nolos Morales Park, drive west along the coast from San Juan
on W-167.  This is the same road that the Bacardi plant is on.  Continue past the
Bacardi facility, (stop if you like) and continue along the coast.  167 follows the coast
for several miles then turns inland for a short while.  Shortly after turning away from
the coast, 167 turns off to the right, then into the town of Dorado.  Continue across
the river and up the hill through town.  Continue westward through town, until you
see the small shopping center on the right, and the Walgrens on your left.  Continue
past the Embassy Suites entrance about 1/4 mile and turn right at the Gas station.  
You will know you are on the right road as you will see the Ocean ahead in the
distance.  My recommendation is to drive straight to the park, turn right, and Stop at
the Resturante El Palmar .  This is also the Cruz Inn, and there is paid secure parking
just behind the building.  This is a great location for Families, since the shelterd
portion of the beach is directly across from you.  Besure to say HI! to Carlos, at Cruz
Inn, And the folks at Resturante El Palmer.
Nolos Morales Park,   Dorado, Puerto Rico